Epsilon provides a set of ANT tasks (what is ANT?) to enable developers to assemble complex workflows (build scripts) that involve both MDE (e.g. transformation, validation) and non-MDE (e.g. copying files, invoking compilers) tasks. Epsilon tasks are underpined by a communication mechanism that enables them to interact with each other by sharing models and variables.


  • Call Epsilon programs from ANT
  • Models are loaded once and tasks share them
  • Tasks can communicate by exporting/importing variables at runtime
  • Dedicated task for loading EMF models
  • Dedicated task for loading registered EMF EPackages
  • Can specify Epsilon code directly inside the tags of the task


When running an ANT workflow that involves Epsilon tasks, please make sure you select the Run in the same JRE as the workspace option under the JRE tab of your launch configuration.

Examples and Screencasts


Chapter 11 of the Epsilon book provides a detailed description of the ANT tasks and their supported attributes/nested elements.