Epsilon Model Connectivity

The vast majority of examples in this website demonstrate using languages from Epsilon to manage EMF-based models. While Epsilon provides robust support for EMF models, it is not tied to EMF at all. In fact, Epsilon is underpined by an open model connectivity framework which developers can extend with support for additional types of models/modeling technologies by providing respective drivers.

Model Refactoring (EWL) Model comparison (ECL) Unit testing (EUnit) ...
Pattern matching (EPL) Model merging (EML) Model migration (Flock)
Model validation (EVL) Code generation (EGL) Model transformation (ETL)
↓ extend
Epsilon Object Language (EOL)
Epsilon Model Connectivity (EMC)
↑ implement
Eclipse Modeling Framework (EMF) Simulink PTC Integrity Modeller
Excel/Google Spreadsheets GraphML Schema-less XML CSV
XSD-backed XML MySQL MetaEdit+ ...

For example, in EpsilonLabs, drivers are provided for managing:

As most Epsilon users work with EMF and XML-based models, there is not much documentation about the other drivers. However, if you're interested in using/extending them (or even providing new drivers for other modeling technologies), we'll be more than happy to help if you let us know through the forum.


  • Manage models of different technologies (e.g. EMF and MDR) in the same program
  • Cross-technology transformations (e.g. transform an MDR model into an EMF model)
  • Provide drivers for additional modeling technologies
  • Runtime and user interface integration through a dedicated Eclipse extension point


Chapter 3 of the Epsilon book provides a complete reference of the EMC.