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Jubula 8.4 - making complex test scenarios easier

The big news for 8.4 is that we’ve added support for conditions and loops in the Integrated Test Environment (ITE).


OSGi at the UK's Biggest Science Lab

Diamond Light Source sets out to migrate a mission-critical, Java-based acquisition system to dynamic class loading.


Release Notes: Eclipse Che 5.0

Eclipse Che lets you convert any production runtime into a developer workspace.


Eclipse Neon.2 is on Maven Central

All relevant artifacts of Neon.2 produced by the Eclipse Project, are now “officially” available from Maven Central.


GeoTrellis 1.0 Release with LocationTech

GeoTrellis 1.0 released under LocationTech; a major achievement for the community that helped build the project.


MicroServices-friendly Java lands on Eclipse

A project for a microservices-friendly Java is to be overseen by the Eclipse Foundation.


Multi-dimensional arrays in Java with Eclipse January

Eclipse January is a set of common data structures in Java, including a powerful library for handling numerical data.


Eclipse Embraces Java Microservices Initiative

The MicroProfile effort to improve enterprise Java will continue at the Eclipse Foundation.


Eclipse Named Best IDE for Java Development

Eclipse ranked number 1 on the list of most popular IDEs for java in 2016.


It’s a done deal: MicroProfile is an Eclipse Foundation project

Eclipse MicroProfile has been approved and this project is now under the wing of the Eclipse Foundation


CREATE-NET joins the Eclipse Foundation

CREATE-NET is delighted to be a member of the Eclipse Foundation and to be leading an important open source IoT project.


Eclipse Oxygen: Fourth milestone is now available

Eclipse Oxygen milestone number four is all about usability and visual appearance.


Boost for IoT Interoperability as Open Source Foundations use oneM2M Standards

OpenDaylight, OCEAN, ATIS and Eclipse Foundation are organisations adopting oneM2M specifications in IoT development.


Docker Joins Eclipse, Updates Commercial Platform

Docker announces that it is joining the Eclipse Foundation, and what this means.


The Power of Collaboration and Open Source

Eclipse Foundation announced a collaboration between three big companies for developing the “Internet of Things”.


Red Hat and Eclipse IDE, looking back at Neon and forward at Oxygen

A look at how Red Hat is contributing to the development of the Eclipse IDE.


Getting Started with the Eclipse IDE

A tutorial covering the latest version of the Eclipse IDE for Java and JavaScript development.


Samsung Joins the Eclipse Foundation

We are proud to announce that Samsung has joined the Eclipse Foundation.


Introduction to Eclipse Che, a next-generation, web-based IDE

A brief look at "What is Eclipse Che?"


How to Install Eclipse Neon on Ubuntu 16.04

This tutorial shows you how to install the latest version of Eclipse (Neon) on Ubuntu 16.04


Bosch and Red Hat join initiative to develop cloud-based IoT platform components

Working together to develop interoperable IoT components that can be deployed to a Cloud platform.


EclipseCon Europe at a Glance

An interview with two EclipseCon Europe speakers.


Huzzah! Java EE 8 by October ... 2017, says Oracle

MicroProfile play targets the Eclipse Foundation.


BMW builds AUTOSAR backbone with open source projects sponsored by itemis

BMW has built the impressive AUTOSAR ECU engineering backbone with Eclipse open source technologies.


Eclipse Kapua IoT Project Gets Code from Eurotech and Red Hat

The Eclipse Kapua project aims to bridge the gap between Operation Technology (OT).

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