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Eclipse Mars Promotion Video

My 13-year old nephew and I proudly present the unofficial Eclipse Mars SR1 promotion video.


Eclipse Science Working Group – an Eclipse-based science platform

The Eclipse Science Working Group convened at the Norwegian Marine Technology Research Institute (MARINTEK) in Trondheim to discuss the development of an Eclipse-based science platform for better data modelling and data visualisation.


Eclipse Foundation Moving to Donations to Support Open Source Projects

For many years, the Eclipse Foundation has had a profound impact on the open source arena.


Package Drone is now an Eclipse project

Package Drone has been taken under the Eclipse Foundation’s wing, where it will be sure to receive further contributions and support.


Eurotech CEO: Eclipse Kura Will be Major Influencer in IoT

When it comes to tech and new product introduction, big bang isn’t a theory, it’s reality.


Eclipse Night London - Sept 16

Join your fellow Eclipse enthusiasts at the first Eclipse Night London! There are only 80 seats so register now.


Eclipse & Gradle–The Best of Both Worlds

Hans Dockter, Etienne Studer present an Eclipse plug-in for Gradle.


Eclipse Releases Version 9.0 of Its Orion Web-Based IDE

The Eclipse Foundation has been quietly developing a pretty solid Web-based development tool called Orion, all without the media hype that surrounded GitHub's Atom editor.


Big Spatial Data – Your day has come

Despite all the buzz that surrounds the term “big data,” we hear surprisingly little about “big spatial data.”


Bosch, Eclipse & Co. arbeiten an Entwicklungsplattform für Embedded-Manycore-Systeme

Unter der Leitung von Bosch sind mehrere Unternehmen und Organisationen aus Deutschland, Schweden, Spanien und der Türkei im Projekt AMALTHEA4public zusammengekommen.


Exploring Edison using Eclipse - In C

To write programs in C for the Edison the simplest way of working is to install and use the customized version of the Eclipse IDE.


Eclipse Mars Celebrates a Decade of Annual Release Trains

Today, the Eclipse Foundation announced the release of Eclipse Mars, the tenth annual combined release of Eclipse software.


Eclipse Foundation announces Mars release train

The Eclipse Foundation has announced the release of Mars, the 10th annual coordinated release train of Eclipse projects.


Vert.x 3.0 released

Eclipse Vert.x 3.0, the reactive server for the JVM has been released!


Eclipse Technology eXchange (ETX) 2015

ETX 2015 invites original and unpublished contributions. Propose a research paper now.


An Intro to Eclipse's Microservices Based Project Che

Wayne Beaton, Director of Open Source at Eclipse, talks about microservices based project Che.


Eclipse IoT Launches Machine to Machine Communication Platform

The Eclipse Foundation has announced the release of another Eclipse IoT project: Eclipse OM2M 0.8, a standardized service platform for machine-to-machine (M2M) communications.


Interview with Benjamin Cabé on the Internet of Things at Eclipse

Benjamin Cabé, Internet of Things enthusiast and evangelist at the Eclipse Foundation, has years of experience in connecting things, big and small, together.


Foundation will expand researcher’s spatial data software

The University of Minnesota is no stranger to software innovation. Back before the World Wide Web took hold, the U’s invention of Gopher protocol


IoT Developer Survey: What are developers doing with IoT?

We have just published the results of the first IoT Developer Survey.


Install Eclipse Projects with a lot more Oomph

At EclipseCon last week, Eike Stepper and Ed Merks demonstrated Eclipse Oomph, a provisioning and installation tool that can quickly install Eclipse features and plugins as well as materialise projects from repositories.


EclipseCon 2015 Wrap-Up

The San Francisco EclipseCon saw some interesting product/project announcements.


ZeroTurnaround launches Optimizer for Eclipse

ZeroTurnaround, the maker of revolutionary developer tools, today announced the release of Optimizer for Eclipse, a free Eclipse plugin that detects and fixes common configuration issues faced by developers using the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE) to build software.


Paho, Mosquitto and Security of MQTT

Ian Craggs, leader of the Eclipse Paho project, talked about Eclipse Paho, Eclipse Mosquitto and MQTT-SN at EclipseCon this week.


Eclipse Xtext 2.8 released at EclipseCon

Today at EclipseCon, the Xtext project released the latest version of the DSL toolset, version 2.8. Xtext provides a generic DSL infrastructure and editor along with Xtend, a Java-like language for writing compact and performant code. Xtend is based upon Xbase, a generic expression evaluation language that can be used to build other types of langauge with common math features.

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