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Building 4diac FORTE docker images

Building 4diac FORTE docker images

Two Docker files are provided in the ./docker/ folder of the 4diac FORTE repository. The first one is a docker image that runs 4diac FORTE in it. The second one is a docker image that is used to build 4diac FORTE for many architectures and devices. Currently it builds for:

  • linux32
  • raspberry pi (and BeagleBone Black). Not valid for the raspberry pi zero
  • embrick

In both docker images 4diac FORTE is built with the following modules:

  • IEC61131
  • Arrowhead
  • HTTP (port 8080)
  • LUA
  • MQTT
  • OPC UA (with security)

and the devices with their corresponding IO module.

The docker image of 4diac FORTE has the binary located in /usr/forte_output/linux32/forte

The builder docker image has the binaries located in /usr/forte_output/

To build the docker images, you need to go to the root folder of the 4diac FORTE repository and execute (don't forget the point at the end):

docker build -t forte -f docker/Dockerfile_forte .


docker build -t forte_builder -f docker/Dockerfile_builder .

Start containers

To start a 4diac FORTE instance, just execute:

docker run -d -p 61499:61499 -p 4840:4840 forte:latest

the -d option starts the container in the background. The -p options maps the outside port to the inside.

To start 4diac FORTE with other listening port, execute:

docker run -d -p 61500:61500 -p 4840:4840 forte:latest /usr/forte_output/linux32/forte -c localhost:61500

The most common way of start the forte_builder image is as follow:

docker run -it forte_builder:latest

You'll then be inside the container and can browse it.

To copy the 4diac FORTE binaries to the local folder, execute:

docker create --name temp_container forte_builder:latest && docker cp temp_container:/usr/forte_output/ ./ && docker rm temp_container

Where to go from here?

Now that you installed the required tools, it's time to start using them. Take a look at the following page:

Step by step tutorial

If you want to build a 4diac FORTE, here is a quick link back:

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