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Happy Birthday Eclipse 4diac!
2019-07-23 news image Age: 27 days

12 years ago a small group of researchers presented the first public version of Eclipse 4diac at the 2007 IEEE Conference on Industrial Informatics in Vienna. Our baby made major steps in its early life, now just passing grade school and already helping a lot of people out there.

The 4diac Team

The European network MIDIH Supports Your Experiments with Eclipse 4diac
2019-07-16 Age: 34 days

We would like to draw your attention to a funding opportunity for experiments around Eclipse 4diac.

The European network MIDIH supports selected application and technology experiments around Big Data with a reference architecture based on a stack of proven technologies (including Eclipse 4diac) with up to 60 000 € funding. Individual applicants can - once again - submit applications until 06.08. Topics can, for example be, additive manufacturing, inter- and intralogistics, modelling/simulation, VR/AR and AI/ML.

Further information is available at

The 4diac Team

GSoC Project - First Phase Finished
2019-06-29 news image Age: 51 days

Here is a new update on my GSoC project. We have now finished the first phase and i already started to fix the first bugs. Deploying FBs with very basic functionality should now work again from the development branch. The next step is to find the causes, why certain functionality is not working properly. Therefore, i created a new list of bugs as roadmap we are going to do. You can find more detailed information in the eclipse wiki


Arrowhead Framework support in 4diac
2019-06-12 Age: 68 days

Our powered by 4diac traffic light demonstrator reached Gothenburg to take part in the workshop of the Productive 4.0 project. The 4diac application can now communicate with the Arrowhead Framework over HTTP REST and/or OPC UA.

The documentation about how to use this amazing library in 4diac can be found here. You can easily register your own services and look for orchestration rules for your devices.

The 4diac Team

Status Update: Dynamic Type Loading GSoC Project
2019-06-11 news image Age: 69 days

My first two weeks of GSoC are now over and i have my first results to share with you. If there are any questions, as always, feel free to ask over Mattermost or the mailing list.

I just finished the first test phase of the dynamic type loader. To summarize, simple Basic FBs can already deployed without any troubles, e.g., calculations, FOR loops and Conditions (i.e., IF, CASE). In addition, all types of ECCs i found and internal variables also work. Datatypes seem to be working too, except Time Types. There is an open bug for this already. For functions, there is an open bug too.

I newly discovered, that some of the simple Structured Text functionality is still not supported, like WHILE/REPEAT loops or standard functions.

Jan Holzweber

4diac Logo Facelift
2019-05-31 news image Age: 80 days

Over the last months we where working to give the 4diac logo and icons a new more polished look. This has come to an end and we are happy to present the new logo and icon suite:

I hope you like the new logos. With this post we already updated the 4diac web-page to the new design.

The 4diac Team

This Year's Google Summer of Code Project
2019-05-09 Age: 102 days

It is a great pleasure for me that this year we got a student project sponsored in the Google Summer of Code. Jan Holzweber will work on our Lua-based dynamic code loading infrastructure and turn it from experimental prototype into a usable stable feature.

Please give Jan a warm welcome and your support.

I’m looking forward to work as mentor with him.


4diac 1.10.2: Second Maintenance Release for 4diac 1.10
2019-04-14 news image Age: 127 days

We are proud to announce the second maintenance release for 4DIAC 1.10 providing 11 bug fixes for 4diac IDE, and 6 for 4diac FORTE.

As always please download, test, and report problems and bugs. For 1.9.x and 1.10.x users a simple Help -> Check of Updates should upgrade you to 1.10.2.

The 4diac Team

4diac @ Inspire Automation Camp
2019-03-09 Age: 163 days

fortiss showed two 4diac-based demonstrators at the Inspire Automation Camp from 25th to 27th February organized by Festo in Esslingen.

A Pick-and-Place module demonstrates the skill-based approach for an automation system using OPC UA. The module consists of a vertical axis, a horizontal axis, a gripper and a conveyor belt that are controlled by a Festo CECC-D, an emBrick, a Kunbus RevolutionPi and an INSYS MRX3 respectively. This engineering approach hides the implementation complexity on the target system by providing a standardized interface to the process via skills. The gripper, for example, is controlled by a skill gripper that can be called via OPC UA.

The second demonstrator shows 4diac's TSN capabilities by sending two streams, a prioritized TSN stream and a non-prioritized best-effort stream, between two Beaglebone Black devices via 3 TTTech Akro 6/0 TSN switches. All devices have a common time base, which is achieved by the Precision Time Protocol (IEEE1588 - PTP). The prioritized stream is synchronized to a specific sending time point. The demonstrator shows on the one hand how 4diac uses the deterministic features of TSN, which means that the transmission of packets can be guaranteed and on the other hand that synchronizing the application and network schedule reduces latency and jitter of the transmitted packets.

TSN demonstrator OPC UA demonstrator
Demonstrators at the Inspire Automation Camp, left TSN demonstrator, right OPC UA demonstrator

The 4diac Team

We Want You to Participate in Google Summer of Code
2019-02-28 Age: 172 days

You are a student currently working or planning to work with 4diac and looking for a summer project? We have something for you! 4diac is participating in Google Summer of Code 2019. This means that Google may sponsors your project with 4diac.

We got you interested? Then please consider the following points:

Looking forward working together with you!

The 4diac Team

See 4diac live at Embedded World Trade Fair
2019-02-27 Age: 173 days

DH electronics presents at the Embedded World trade fair their new "Multiprotocoll IoT Edge Computer with voice-controlled PLC and Cloud connection" product. This product features Eclipse 4diac as PLC environment. See it live in hall 2 booth 100!

The 4diac Team

European Project FED4SAE Sponsors Projects Utilizing 4diac
2019-01-22 news image Age: 209 days

The European Innovation project FED4SAE is currently eliciting proposals for innovative industrial application development projects in the domain of Cyber-Physical Systems and Embedded Systems. FED4SAE is looking for companies that want to:

To do this, FED4SAE offers companies:

Companies are encouraged to contact any of the FED4SAE project partners for guidance and feedback on their initial project ideas.

The call is open until March 5th, 2019. More information can be found online here.

Eclipse Insight: cross domain engineering
2019-01-21 Age: 210 days

On February the 6th fortiss GmbH in Munich hosts an Eclipse Insight event about "cross domain engineering". The addressed domains are industrial automation, internet of things and embedded systems. There will be interesting talks and demonstrations related to Eclipse 4diac, Eclipse BaSyx, AutoFOCUS3 (provides the base for Eclipse SystemFOCUS), Eclipse Hono, Eclipse Kura and Eclipse Kapua. Detailed agenda and registration on eventbrite.

We are pleased to see you there!

The 4diac Team

Improving 4diac Deployment
2019-01-06 Age: 225 days

In our currently running usability survey a hotspot for disappointment is showing up, namely the application deployment. Interestingly we started on this already in the last release. With 4diac 1.10. the following improvements are available:

We hope that this makes deploying a less painful experience in 4diac IDE.


However we know that this is only a first step. More work is needed to fully get rid of the deployment perspective as a whole.

Furthermore there is a major disturbing step in deployment that we haven’t talked about yet: FB type management. Every time you change an FB or create a new one, C++ code for the FB has to be created and 4diac FORTE needs to be recompiled.

In order to overcome this issue we added as experimental feature a dynamic type load option. Here 4diac IDE detects during deployment the availability of FB types and for missing types code is automatically generated and sent to 4diac FORTE. To enable this feature you need to compile 4diac FORTE with LUA enabled and change in the system configuration of your application the device profile to dynamic type load.

However bear in mind that this feature is still experimental. Nonetheless we need testers for it. So we are heavily looking for your feedback on it!

Your feedback really always helps and there are several ways to provide it:

Thanks in advance for your support,
The 4diac Team