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Building 4diac FORTE on Raspberry-SPS

Building 4diac FORTE on Raspberry-SPS


The Raspberry-SPS consists of a Raspberry-PI which is a low-cost embedded system with an ARM processor @700Mhz and 512MB RAM and additional modules such as digital and analog modules. This tutorial shows how to cross-compile 4diac FORTE for the Raspberry-SPS. For a general introduction to building 4diac FORTE, see the installation tutorial.


  1. Download the proper toolchain for your operating system where you plan to build 4diac FORTE gcc-linaro-arm-linux-gnueabihf. The path to your downloaded toolchain has to be short e.g., C:/toolchain for Windows.
  2. Start CMake-gui, choose the 4diac FORTE source code folder and build binaries, e.g. forte/bin/raspberrySPS and press the configure button. A new window will be opened. As generator, choose Unix Makefiles and check the Specify options for cross compiling radio button. configure cross compiling for Raspberry-SPS
  3. Configure the cross compiling options as it is illustrated within the following image and press the finish button. configure toolchain for Raspberry-SPS
  4. Choose posix as FORTE_ARCHITECHTURE and check FORTE_MODULE_Raspberry-SPS as well as other desired modules.
  5. Press the Configure button until nothing remains red. Afterwards press the Generate button.
  6. The desired make files have been generated. Execute make within a console and find the 4diac FORTE executable in forte/bin/raspberrySPS/src
    $ cd forte/bin/raspberrySPS $ make
  7. Copy the 4diac FORTE executable to the Raspberry-SPS and start 4diac FORTE with:
    $ ./forte

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