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Updating the Target Platform used by 4diac IDE

Updating the Target Platform used by 4diac IDE

The target platform defines the dependencies of 4diac IDE to other eclipse projects. Currently the Eclipse 4diac requires the following:

    • Eclipse Java Development Tools,
    • Eclipse Platform SDK, org.eclipse.platform.sdk
    • Eclipse Plug-in Development Environment,
    • EMF - Eclipse Modeling Framework SDK,
    • GEF (MVC) SDK,
    • Git integration for Eclipse,
    • OCL classic SDK: Ecore/UML Parsers, Evaluator, Edit,
    • Xtext Complete SDK,
    • Eclipse LayoutKernel (Incubation) - Core Components,
    • Eclipse LayoutKernel (Incubation) - Layout Algorithms,

For upgrading to new Eclipse platform versions the following steps need to be done:

  • Update in the org.eclipse.fordiac.ide.product plug-in
  • Update pom.xml in the 4diac IDE's source root directory. At least the following steps have to be done:
    • Check tycho.version
    • Update tycho-repo.url to the new target platform version
    • Check org.eclipse.equinox.executable version range. Attention this has to be done on two places in the file.
      For the version check the latest release overview page. There check for Eclipse Platform Launcher Executables.
  • Regenerate all model and model edit code from the models plug-in.
  • Run product from Eclipse IDE using product editor, i.e., press the synchronize button and then the "Launch an Eclipse Application"
  • Run Maven install for pom.xml in the 4diac IDE's source root directory locally
  • Test if the generated product can be executed. The generated products are in:
  • Push to Gerrit so that CI build can also check if it is working