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[wtp-dev] Minutes of WTP Status Telecon, 2005-09-15


Amy Wu
Arthur Ryman
Chris Brealey
Chuck Bridgham
Craig Salter
David Williams
Der-Ping Chou
Jeffrey Liu
Jochen Krause
John Lanuti
Kathy Chan
Kosta Komissarchik
Larry Dunnell
Lawrence Mandel
Nitin Dahyabhai
Paul Meijer
Phil Avery
Raghu Srinivasan
Sheila Sholars
Ted Bashor
Tim deBoer

See WTP Status Telecons [1] for more information.



1. WTP Requirements Process - Jochen Krause

Jochen - In the Requirements PMC, we need to do some work on Bugzilla enhancement requests. We should have a process for responding to Requests for Enhancement (RFE)s. You are currently using XML documents for milestone plans. The Best Practice is to point to Bugzilla for plan items .For API work, maybe you should create one master bug for WST and one for JST.

[action] Arthur to create top level API bugs and component lead to add in their API RFEs as bugs that the master bug depends on.

Jochen - We need to indicate when bugs are implemented. Can we revisit the decision to not put all information into Bugzilla? We could abandon the XML milestone plan documents.

Lawrence - The problem with Bugzilla is that you can't update descriptions. You have to append a complete new version of the description to the bug whenever you revise it.

Jochen - Can we at least have one bug per work item?

Chris - No objection

Craig - I do use the work item steps that our milestone plan format includes. I object to lack of hiearchical reports in bugzilla. We just get a flat list.

Arthur - We can generate reports that are grouped by component, target milestone, priority, etc. Any field that is in bugzilla can be used. We can extract the data as XML and apply a stlyesheet to it.

Chris - I like to group work items by performance, API, etc.

Jochen - You could create master bugs for each category and add other bugs as dependencies.

David - Does this really make life easier?

Jochen - We have to do double work by updating both the plan documents and Bugzilla. One place would be simpler.

Arthur - We can generate most of the information from Bugzilla and link to other documents for detail.

[action] Arthur to add Bugzilla reports formatted as milestone plans to the Web site and get comments.

2. JSR 220 ORM Requirement on WTP 0.7.1 - Larry Dunnell for Dirk Le Roux

The JSR 220 ORM project needs WTP 0.7.1 to include the fix for MySQL, bug 104215 [1].

Larry - This fixes errors in DDL generation for MySQL. It has already been tested. It's isolated code that won't affect anything else

Der-Ping - I did some testing on the fix and it look good.

[resolution] Approved for inclusion in WTP 0.7.1.


3. WTP 0.7.1 Status - Jeffrey Liu

Jeffrey - There was an action item from last week to check on bugs targetted to this release. We need to change the targets on some TVT bugs from 0.7.1 to 1.0. We need to create an Update Manager site. We need some testing from component teams. The target for completion is next week. I'll post a note for smoke testing.

David - Features need their version incremented. Some are now. We'll need to set those to to avoid including too much in the update.

Jeffrey - I think the tool I am using will automatically create a small JAR that only contains the changed Features.

4. Proposal to Improve Web Site - Arthur Ryman, Lawrence Mandel

Arthur - Are there any further comments or objections to the proposed Web site reorganisation?

[action] Arthur to reorganize the Plan section.

[action] Lawrence to reorganize the Community section.


5. Flexible Project Development Status - Chuck Bridgham

Chuck - The current proposal has been out for a week. I need any comments asap. Target completion is tomorrow. We need to resolve this within a couple of weeks. We need to prepare for the function coming in Eclipse 3.2.

Arthur - What is planned for 1.0?

Chuck - The current function will remain.

Arthur - When will the 1.0 plan be finalized?

Chuck - Two weeks.

Chris - Is that plan or code? Will it impact Web services?

Chuck - We won't change the current support. We need to decide on multiple components per project based on the anticipated 3.2 support.

David - So in two weeks we'll know our direction, e.g. for deprecated APIs.

6. Project Features Development Status -Konstantin Komissarchik

Kosta - The are a few open issues, e.g. terminology. In half a week we'll let people vote on the top 5 candidates. We are also working on modeling the runtimes. We will have a preliminary implementation next week. The current framework is in CVS not but not in the build. People can manually install and test it.

Arthur - Is this targetted for 1.0? What is the quality of API?

Kosta - The goal is to include the function in 1.0 and publish a platform API.

Arthur - When will it be in the build?

David - 9/24

Arthur - Whats's the integration plan?

Ted - We will publish a plan

Chrsi - We (Web services) have looked at this.

Arthur - The integration should be done by M9. We need to get this planed.

7. WTP 1.0 M8 Status - David Williams

David - M8 is on track for 9/23. We will have a candidate build  today. It should be OK unless we have major code changes planned.

Arthur - Are there any major changes?

Raghu - Can we check in the Oracle application server adapter?

Arthur - That seems low risk. When are you getting legal approval?

Raghu - I expect it by the end of today. We already have a Bugzilla entry. We are now waiting for Oracle legal approval before we attach the code to it.

8. WTP 1.0 Milestone Plans - All Component Leads

All components leads to report on the status of their milestone plans. Identify any APIs that are planned to be finalised. Open bugs and enhancement requests for all line items and target them for the appropriate milestones.

Chris - All Web service milestone plans are done. We have draft test plans for all three milestones. There are no major changes in function.

Cragi - The XML tools M8 and M9 milestone plans are done. There are no changes planned for M10. We are not updated the test plans yet. We will need to update the M9 test plan. We also need to link Bugzilla entries to our milestone plans.

Der-Ping - The Data tools M8 and M9 milestone plans are done. The test plans require work and we can contribute some of our internal tests to it.

David - SSE is done with all milestone plans. We are working on our test plans. We are done for M8.

Chuck - We need to make some updates for J2EE tools. We need to add more tests. Our target completion is tomorrow. The milestone plans are done.

Lawrence - The M9 plans are done for docs. We have no test plans yet. We will have some for M9.

9. Other Business - Open

David - During next week there may be other M8 builds but there are no more code changes planned except for blocking fixes (and Raghu's server adapter). We're mainly testing the new build process. Everyone should advertise fixes.

Arthur Ryman,
IBM Software Group, Rational Division

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