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Re: [dash-dev] Don't succeed to use Athena builder: Could not find target 'buildZips'

Hello Nick,

Nick Boldt a écrit :
I finally got the *build* working with Galileo RCP Bundle, without
modification to the builder.
The problem came from the fact that I left 'dependencyURLs' empty, and I was
using only 'eclipse.SDK.url' and 'eclipse.SDK.file' to specify SDK location.
This was not working, and specifying dependencyURLs fixed it.
However, I still have to specify the 'eclipse.SDK.*' properties, or else I
get an error during build. I don't really understand why I have to specify
the location of the SDK twice. Does the problem come from my configuration ?

Yes, the issue is that the pattern matching algorithm that looks at
the dependencyURLs and turns them into name=value pairs in your
generated build.cfg is NOT seeing the galileo rcp bundle as an
equivalent value for eclipse.SDK, because that string does NOT appear
in the URL.

I think that separating SDK and dependencies makes a lot of sense since SDK is platform-specific whereas other plugins are almost often multi-platform. I prefer specifying SDK in eclipse.SDK.file and eclipse.SDK.url than putting SDK in dependencyURLs (that I do not use, preferring p2).

I have some suggestions, tell me if you think they are worth opening bugs:
* Because of the platform dependency of the SDK, there is the need for one per platform. What do you think of using some eclipse.SDK.[os].[ws].[arch] properties, so that the builder would retrieve the right SDK depending on the platform it's running on ? * If you are OK with the first suggestion, what do you think about providing and maintaining these properties in Athena rather than forcing users to customize their ?

By the way, I did not get rid of the compilation errors during tests. I'll make more tests to check whether the properties that are set by main feature build are well passed to the test feature build.


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