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PMC Minutes December 5, 2006

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John Duimovich
Bjorn Freeman-Benson
Ward Cunningham
Wayne Beaton
Cliff Schmidt

Regarding EclipseCon talks: we have received three (3) proposals for our one (1) panel slot and twenty-five (25) proposals for our six (6) long talk slots. Some of criteria that we will apply in evaluating these proposals includes:

  • Avoid overlapping topics in our subset of the program; definitely not more than one long talk per project/topic.
  • Avoid overlapping topics in the entire EclipseCon program.
  • Be specific in our comments about what we like and dislike in the proposals - not just "I like it".
  • Public votes are not as interesting to us as public comments - voting is not as transparent as comments.
  • EclipseCon attendees include both returning alumni (such as ourselves) and new first-timers. The first-timers may want to learn about things that we have already heard before, thus we should include a mix of basics (talks we, personally, might not want to attend because we've heard it before but would be interesting to newcomers) and cutting edge new issues (for the jaded alumni).
  • If an Eclipse project is not very active (code, users, newsgroups, etc), then it is less likely to draw an audience and thus is less deserving of one of the limited long talk slots.
  • Eclipse projects that are more mature, i.e., have more working code to show and talk about, are more deserving of a long talk slot. New projects or projects that are more "plans and slideware" are mostly too early to attract a long talk audience.

ACTION ITEM: [All] Read, comment, and roughly order all the proposals for next week's call.

The ECESIS and Laszlo Archive Reviews are tomorrow. There has been no response on the ECESIS lists and there have been two responses on the Lazlo lists [1,2] - both by people who are not project members. The email to the project leader bounced and there has been no response by any of the project members.

Website school will be held again this week. The last one has spawned a number of email conversations and some progress on updating the websites. Ward observed that a "information debugger" would be useful to help people fill out the XML file.

The Technology PMC unanimously approves the proposal to move PTP to the Tools PMC.

The five new Technology projects were allocated to mentors (two new ones now, plus potentially three new ones at tomorrow's review).

ACTION ITEM: [All] Contact your new mentored project and introduce yourself.

Current project mentors:

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