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Higgins, EclipseCon, ECESIS, Laszlo

PMC Minutes November 27, 2006

Attending    Late     Regrets   Missing 
John Duimovich Cliff Schmidt
Bjorn Freeman-Benson
Ward Cunningham
Wayne Beaton

As of today, we have zero (0) submissions for panels and five (5) submissions for long talks for our track at EclipseCon. We have one panel slot and six long talk slots. We should make sure that all our projects know that there are slots available (and that long talks include free registration!)

We agreed that Higgins has demonstrated that they have sufficient community to graduate from incubation.

Ward gave us an update on website school: it went reasonably well, although Ward spent more time talking than he expected and the attendees did not seem to have taken the time to read the material in advance. We discussed ways to improve the ease-of-readability of the material for next week's second class.

Left over action items:

ACTION ITEM: [Bjorn] Make sure new projects' initial website has skeleton of correct meta-data.

Current project mentors:

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