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PMC Minutes November 20, 2006

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John Duimovich Wayne Beaton
Bjorn Freeman-Benson
Ward Cunningham
Cliff Schmidt

Discussion of the results of the website school email. All but one reply was positive; already have eight people signed up. Our next challenge is to make this a really effective use of people's time. Ward will be working on that. We also discussed making sure that the initial website of a new project have a skeleton of the meta-data in place. (Note that bug 164720 is the remind-o-matic discussed last week.)

ACTION ITEM: [Ward] Make these calls an effective use of people's time.

ACTION ITEM: [Bjorn] Make sure new projects' initial website has skeleton of correct meta-data.

Bjorn, John, and Cliff have contacted their projects about the EclipseCon long talk deadline of Dec 1st and the short talk deadline of Jan 15th. Ward promised to do so today. Wayne's status is unknown. We received positive responses, i.e., people saying "yes we have/will submit a talk or two".
Note that we've allocated at least one short talk slot for every Technology project so they're pretty much guaranteed to get one of those, they just need to submit it.

ACTION ITEM: [Ward] Contact his projects.

ACTION ITEM: [Wayne] Contact his projects or report previous success.

We reviewed Wayne and Ward's draft Archive Review slides. They good. By next week the reviews should be scheduled.

ACTION ITEM: [Wayne, Ward] Finish the slides for ECESIS and Laszlo and schedule a review with Anne.

ACTION ITEM: [Bjorn] Make sure the commit explorer dashboard correctly handles archived projects.

John, Cliff, and Wayne had not had a chance to review the Higgin's proposal to graduate from incubation so we postponed that decisions for a day. Bjorn and Ward thought the proposal looked good, but we need to get input from the whole PMC. Everyone agreed to read the Higgins email today and respond to the mailing list.

ACTION ITEM: [John, Cliff, Wayne] Review the Higgins email today and email opinions to the list.

Cliff discussed his conversation with the ALF team regarding their desire to graduate. He reports that the discussion with the project was positive. The PMC expressed concern that there is no active development community (at least not on the official mailing list) and that the code is really not ready to be in a 1.0 solid-frozen-never-changing API state that being a core system component requires. We told Cliff to urge them to have some milestone releases to engage their community.

Current project mentors:

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