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BPEL, EclipseCon tutorials, PMC expansion

PMC Minutes November 7, 2006

Attending    Late     Regrets   Missing 
Ward Cunningham Wayne Beaton Cliff Schmidt
John Duimovich
Bjorn Freeman-Benson

John on BPEL project: emails are not being answered, still trying to get a hold of leads.

We read the EclipseCon tutorial submissions. Using a criteria of "topics that people would pay to learn more about" we put the RAP tutorial at the top of our list. We also noticed that there was no Higgins proposal and Bjorn will invite them to submit one. After some discussion we decided to ask more questions of the proposes (action item: John and Ward) and make a final decision at next week's PMC call.

On the topic of adding project leads to the PMC, we concluded that while there are a few more senior projects whose leads we could invite, by and large the Technology projects are the more junior projects and do not have enough Eclipse culture experience to be good PMC members yet.

Current project mentors:

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