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ECP, ALF, assignments

PMC Minutes August 14, 2006

Attending   Late    Regrets   Missing 
Ward Cunningham John Duimovich Wayne Beaton
Bjorn Freeman-Benson Cliff Schmidt

After not having a PMC meeting for almost two months, we finally gained a quorum and discussed a few topics.

We discussed our puzzlement at this "the project is dead" posting in the newsgroup. Ward is going to find out what is going on by talking to the review attendees.

We discussed the ALF Validation Review situation. We look forward to the open and transparent discussion of the issues in the newsgroup.

We resolved that all of our discussions with projects and project leads will be via their dev lists and our technology-pmc@ list - at the very least cc'd to the lists.

We assigned ourselves projects to mentor/monitor. Over the next two weeks, we will check all of our projects to see if they are doing development at Eclipse. Some projects are using outside mailing lists, wikis, etc - this exposes Eclipse to potential IP problems because those other sites do not have the Eclipse terms of use or reviews.

Action Items left over from previous meetings:

  • No action on ECESIS yet. Wayne will call Dwight this week.
  • Bjorn will ask the Dali project leads if it is ok to finally archive the JSR200-ORM project.

Current project mentors:

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