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Do you like to integrate Subversive with your Eclipse project? Below you can find a list of current integrations and Subversive API specification.

List of Existing Integrations

  • Mylyn
  • Buckminster
  • M2Eclipse
  • FastTrack
  • Project Set
  • Zend Studio


Project News
  • Subversive 2.0 release - The new version of Subversive that is compatible with SVN 1.7-1.8 and Eclipse 4.2 or later. This version offers automatic migration from SVN 1.1-1.6.
  • Subversive 1.1 release - Subversive 1.1 is available with over 60 improvements and bug fixes. Subversive 1.1 release is included into the Eclipse Kepler Simultaneous release.
Project Contributors
Subversive Connectors Home

Visit to learn about the Subversive Connectors open-source project used by Subversive to communicate with the SVN infrastructure.

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