Nebula NatTable - high performance SWT data grid

NatTable is a powerful and flexible SWT table/grid widget that is built to handle very large data sets, real-time updates, dynamic styling, and more.

NatTable is a subproject of Nebula.
You can see the proposal of the NatTable project here

Modern styled NatTable showing different features like groupBy, tree, freeze and summary values

Handling large datasets

As a custom painted virtual grid widget, the NatTable can handle huge datasets without any performance issues.

Tons of features

The NatTable brings a lot of features that can be used by simply enabling them like column reordering, sorting, editing, persistence of settings and much more ...

Getting Started and more...

Read the NatTable documentation and join the discussion at the forum to understand how powerful NatTable is.

Want to know more? About This Project

(version 1.2.0)
News - 2015-01-28

Nebula NatTable 1.2.0 released

Get it from the download page.

Read the New & Noteworthy for details on the release.

News - 2015-01-06

Published the Getting Started Tutorial at

Check it out if you want to get started with NatTable!

News - 2014-09-12

Nebula NatTable 1.1.1 released!

Get it via our download page.

This is a bugfix release that contains the bugfixes for the following reported issues.

News - 2014-05-01

Nebula NatTable 1.1.0 released!

Get it while it's hot from the download page.

NatTable 1.1.0 New and Noteworthy