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Setting SWT windows native build setup

Software needed for setting up windows native build

  1. Microsoft 'Visual Studio - Community 2017' and 'Windows 10 SDK', link to download page

  2. JDK8 64bit link to Oracle JDK or IBM JDK

  3. Cygwin [Optional for local setup]

Note: [Moved to latest "Win10 SDK" and "Visual Studio 2017 community edition" via bugzilla bug 526802]

Steps to set up Windows native build:

  1. [Optional for local setup] Install and configure Cygwin SSH Server on Windows.

    Note: Make sure 'openssh' package is also installed.

    For more details on how to configuring SSH refer: link

  2. [Optional for local setup] Configure the machine for password-less SSH authentication with the Hudson machine.

    For more details you can refer: public guide

    Sharing some key steps below(which I recall):

    • Generate the 'dsa' public/private key from your "swtbuild" account from windows machine.

    • Now login to the Hudson machine with "swtbuild" account.

    • Copy the public keys and register then on the Hudson machine.. this should enable password-less authentication.

  3. 'SWT_BUILDDIR' root directory contain various libraries like Visual Studio libraries, JDK, etc..

    Setup your own 'SWT_BUILDDIR' with below like directory structure:

    • Install Visual Studio Community 2017 libraries in default location or in: 'SWT_BUILDDIR\Microsoft\Visual Studio\2017'

    • Windows10 SDK gets installed in "Program Files (x86)" directory by default like: 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10'

    • Install/Unzip JDK8 64bit in 'SWT_BUILDDIR\Java\Oracle\jdk1.8.0-latest\x64'

  4. For local testing, Run as Ant build below file with 'build_libraries' as target(assuming SWT setup is in place):


  5. [Optional for local setup] Now you can point the Windows hudson job to this machine and trigger a native build.

    Note: For testing purpose from hudson, temporarily turn the nativeChanges flag to 'true' to force a native build compilation.

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