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SWT Documentation

This page contains links to books, tutorials, and articles about SWT.

SWT in Books

SWT is in print in the following books.

SWT Documentation Inside Eclipse

The Eclipse Help system contains good solid documentation for SWT in the Platform Plug-in Developer Guide. To get there in Eclipse, select
Help > Help Contents > Platform Plug-in Developer Guide.

SWT documentation appears in the following sections of the Platform Plug-in Developer Guide:

  • Programmer's Guide: Standard Widget Toolkit
  • Reference: API Reference: org.eclipse.swt.* (javadoc for each package)
  • Examples Guide: Standard Widget Toolkit

SWT Online Documentation

In addition to reading SWT documentation inside Eclipse, you can read it online here:

More Articles about SWT

External articles, interviews in online journals:

SWT Online Tutorials

There have been a few tutorials posted about SWT that you may find useful:

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