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Properties Configuration

These preferences can be changed on 'Team>SVN>Properties Configuration' properties page.

Automatic properties

On this tab group user can Import, Export, Add, Remove and Edit automatic properties for specified files. To do described actions use appropriate buttons.


This feature is very useful, because the user actually doesn't want to set a copyright property, for example, to all files one by one, so he can easily do this by adding such automatic property. So he clicks on 'Add...' button and in a dialog inputs '*.*' as a filter and 'copyright="(c) 2007, Great Solutions"' and this property will be added automatically to all files to be added them to source control.

This is how 'Automatic properties' tab group looks like:

Automatic Properties tab group

Custom properties

On this tab group the user can Add, Remove and Edit custom properties to be shown in a combo of an 'Add property' dialog. There is a probability for the user to enter property name, its description and a regular expression to be used for validating property before setting it.

This is how 'Custom properties' tab group looks like:

Custom Properties tab group
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