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Do you like to integrate Subversive with your Eclipse project? Below you can find a list of current integrations and Subversive API specification.

List of Existing Integrations

  • Mylyn
  • Buckminster
  • M2Eclipse
  • FastTrack
  • Project Set
  • Zend Studio


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Project News
  • Subversive 4.0 release - Subversive 4.0 not just introduces the SVN 1.9 support, but advances the commit integration API up a notch. And of course we made a progress in stability and performance level, so, you're welcome to try the new version yourself.
  • Subversive 3.0 release - We're presenting a new Subversive 3.0 version with improved plug-in integration API, stability level, error handling features and usability. For detailed explanation of API changes please visit this page.

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