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The Eclipse IDE is brought to you by the coordinated effort of Eclipse's diverse community using the infrastructure provided by the Eclipse Foundation. It's 100% free and open source. Help keep it that way and make it better.

Is your IDE currently running with Java 17?
To prevent problems, please read the following carefully.

The June 12th release of the Eclipse IDE 2024-06 - 4.32 requires Java 21.

Depending on how you installed your Eclipse IDE, the following might happen when you update:

  • The IDE will automatically install Java 21 as part of installing the available updates. If the selected update site below is present in the preferences, you will be automatically updated to Java 21.
  • The IDE will refuse to update all or parts of the available updates and the Next > button will not function properly:
  • The IDE will install all available updates but then fail to start:
  • The IDE will install all available updates but will start in an impaired state, e.g., without branding information.

To prevent or fix problems, follow these steps:

  • If your IDE's installation has a JustJ JRE in the eclipse.ini as follows, it will probably update to Java 21:
    To be 100% sure it will update, ensure that is present in the preferences; add it if it is not:
    An update will then install JustJ Java 21:
  • If your eclipse.ini does not specify a JustJ JRE but a -vm option is present, i.e., you are using an explicitly specified JRE/JDK installed in your system, you should edit the eclipse.ini to specify a Java 21 JRE/JDK like this:
    C:\Program Files\Java\jdk-21.0.3+9\bin
    You can get Java 21 from
  • If your eclipse.ini does not specify -vm at all, then the IDE is using the default system JRE/JDK. You can either edit the eclipse.ini to add the two lines as shown above, with no trailing spaces, to the start of the file, or you can ensure that Java 21 is installed as your default system JRE.
  • If you need to find these instructions again, you can use the IDE's menu Help → Sponsor to open this page.

What Can I Do to Support the Eclipse Community?

   Sponsor $ £
  • If you love Eclipse as much as we do, please give a token of your appreciation.
    • Eclipse is 100% funded by the community and you as one of the millions of daily users are part of that community.
    • All the money will go directly to funding Eclipse IDE development and infrastructure.
  • If you work for a company, encourage your employer to become an Eclipse Member.
  • If you want influence, join the Eclipse IDE Working Group.
  • If you've built cool technology, start your own Eclipse Project.

  • Help answer questions rather than just asking them. Share your knowledge, experience, and expertise.
    • If you don't already have an Eclipse Account, register now.
    • The Newcomer Forum is a great place to help others.
  • Help fix bugs and help implement enhancements rather than just reporting problems and requesting features. Not only will you personally benefit, giving back to the commons makes everything better for everyone.
    • If you don't already have an Eclipse Account, register now.
    • If you haven't already signed your Eclipse Contributor Agreement, sign now.
    • You'll need to set up a development environment with the workspace provisioned to include the Git repositories of the projects to which you wish to contribute.

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