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Join us for Eclipse DemoCamps and Campus DemoCamps

Community Bulletin

During the month of November, the Eclipse community will be hosting DemoCamps in cities around the world. Typically a DemoCamp consists of a series of short demos and presentations from developers building new and interesting solutions with Eclipse. It is a great way to discover and learn about new Eclipse technology. There are also many opportunities for informal conversation and networking, so DemoCamps are a great way to connect with colleagues and friends.

For this series, the Foundation is introducing a new program to reach out to the academic and student communities. Building on the success of our regular DemoCamp series, we invite university students and professors to organize Campus DemoCamps. Campus DemoCamps are special because demos will be presented by students and professors on topics like class projects using Eclipse, overviews of Eclipse projects, tips and tricks in Eclipse and anything else Eclipse-related of interest to students.

Check-out the list of cities hosting DemoCamps and consider signing up to demo what you are doing with Eclipse, or organize your own event. We look forward to seeing you!

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