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Finalists for the Eclipse Community Awards 2010

Community Bulletin

The Eclipse Foundation congratulates the finalists for the 2010 Eclipse Community Awards. Winners for each category will be announced at an awards ceremony on March 22, 2010 at EclipseCon.

The Individual Awards recognize the people who have given their time to make Eclipse a vibrant and progressive community. Finalists were selected by their peers in an online vote. The selection of the Top Newcomer Evangelist is based on the individual that has answered the most questions raised on the eclipse.newcomer newsgroup.

  • Top Committer: Boris Bokowski, Markus Schorn and Eike Stepper
  • Top Contributor: Matt Hall, Laurens Holst, James Sugrue and Lars Vogel
  • Top Newcomer Evangelist: Russell Bateman, Walter Harley and Lars Vogel

The Project Awards feature Eclipse projects that display innovation and foster community. Finalists were selected by their peers in an online vote.

  • Most Open Project: e4, Equinox p2, Mylyn and XML Tools in Web Tools Platform (WTP) Incubator
  • Most Innovative New Feature or Eclipse Project: EclipseLink, Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT) Cocoa Port and Textual Modeling Framework (TMF) Xtext

The Technology Awards recognize some of the best Eclipse-based tools and applications. The finalists were selected from a pool of nominations by judging panels from the Eclipse community.

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