Installing m2e-wtp

m2e-wtp requires an Eclipse JavaEE distribution, and can be installed from the releases update site. m2e-wtp is generally compatible with Eclipse Indigo (3.7), Juno (3.8, 4.2) and Kepler (4.3, using the appropriate update site).

Please note that, m2e-wtp and Sonatype's m2eclipse-wtp overlap and can not be installed together.

  • if you add the m2e-wtp update site to your list of Available Update Sites, doing "Help > Find Updates" should find m2e-wtp as a suitable replacement for m2eclipse-wtp, and everything should update properly.
  • if you try to update your pre Juno-SR2 Eclipse installation via "Help > Install New Software...", m2e-wtp won't install because of the conflict with m2eclipse-wtp. This p2 bug is fixed since Juno SR2.

Latest release : 1.0.1

Please note that, m2e-wtp and JBoss' JAX-RS, JSF, JPA configurators overlap and can not be installed together. The same update rules as with m2eclipse-wtp apply.

Latest m2e-wtp dev build

Former m2eclipse-wtp : version 0.15.3 (using the org.maven.ide.eclipse.wtp namespace, hosted at