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Re: [Wtp-wst-dev] PsychoPath test results

Hi Dave,
    I could do following analysis of test failures on my local environment:

On build server, I could see following latest test numbers: 8005 tests (core + dates + functions + numeric + schema), for the build Build #73 (Oct 22, 2009 10:49:34 PM)

On build server we also execute tests in, package: org.eclipse.wst.xml.xpath2.processor.test (there are 60 tests here). These are our internal tests.

All of the above tests pass on build server.

Running PsychoPath test suite again on my local machine, gives me following test results:
Total tests: 8108
errors: 0
fail: 32

The above success numbers are found by me, when I run the JUnit file, which has following sub test suites within it:
core, date tests, function tests, numeric tests, schema tests and DateEdgeCasesTest (this is something you have added extra now)

Out of 32 failing tests, on my PC following are the failure breakup:
function tests: in_scope_prefixes (1 test), collection (8 tests)
schema tests: STAxesTest (15 tests), NotationEQSITest (6 tests)
DateEdgeCasesTest: 2 tests

This makes about 32 tests, which are failing on my PC.

There might be local issues on my PC, but I am not sure how to start investigating these test failures. Any help will be appreciated, please.


Which tests are failing for you?

The ones I know of are:


A couple of date tests.   I particular, I'm interested if any of the
tests that are passing on the build server, are failing locally for
you.   I've had a few tests that I've moved to an edge case for Dates,
that pass locally but randomly fail with precision errors on the build
server, and trying to see if it's JRE related or not.  Also, would be
interested in know if there are any local issues.


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