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Re: [Wtp-wst-dev] PsychoPath test results

Which tests are failing for you?

The ones I know of are:


A couple of date tests. I particular, I'm interested if any of the tests that are passing on the build server, are failing locally for you. I've had a few tests that I've moved to an edge case for Dates, that pass locally but randomly fail with precision errors on the build server, and trying to see if it's JRE related or not. Also, would be interested in know if there are any local issues.


Mukul Gandhi wrote:

took an update today, of PsychoPath XPath 2 engine sources and corresponding test sources, and following are the W3C test results, I could see:

tests: 8108
errors: 0
failures: 32

test suite success rate: 99.6%

This looks great.



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