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Re: [Wtp-wst-dev] Dates Times..and Duration fixes

Great progress!

I have another 20 or so fixes sitting here, all to do with the aggregate functions (avg, sum, min, max) and type promotion and related areas. I intend to commit it tomorrow evening, including a needed overhaul of the type promotion code.


On 07/09/2009, at 23.16, David Carver wrote:

I've got all but two of the Date specific tests passing, and those two seem to be precision errors. Much of the way the dates have been stored and calculated has undergone some changes. Also, the fn:adjuest-dateTime-to-timzeone related functions are all now passing [280547, 280548, 280549] as well. This has allowed several implicit timzeone function tests to pass as well.
Current stats are now:

Total Tests: 8137
Failures: 181
Errors: 2

Code coverage is hovering around 74%, and we have a 97.7% passing rate for the XPath 2.0 test suite. All code is checked into head.


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