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[Wtp-wst-dev] Missing namespace prefix using content assist

Hi all,

I have a custom XML Editor which provides a content assist help for some XML
elements. The issue is when upon selecting an element attribute through the
suggested content assist menu(Ctrl+Space), it does not include the namespace
Hence the editor validation complains that the attribute is not recognized
for the element. 

I am specifying the XML catalog using the
org.eclipse.wst.xml.core.catalogContributiones extension, the XML editor
successfully populates a list of suggested XML element attributes in the
content assist.

<u>Below is the plugin extension where I define my own datatypes:</u>

<u>The XML content:</u>
<xml …  xmlns:myPrefix="";
    <!-- custom tag with failed unrecognized attribute myTagAttr -->
    <myTag name="myTag" customAttr="true">

And as expected when I manually modify the attribute in the editor with the
namespace prefix, the attribute is recognized and editor validation is
    <myTag name="myTag" myPrefix:customAttr="true">

Any thoughts?

Thank you,
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