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Re: [Wtp-wst-dev] TCP/IP Monitor integration for STP Policy Editor extension project

Hi Udayanga,

The TCP/IP monitor is owned by the ServerTools team. Tim is the project lead and I am his delegate. We have been reviewing some of the information that you are providing and it sounds very interesting. I am still a bit unclear on what do you need from us to complete your proposal but at this point it might be a good idea to setup a call in a time that is appropriate for both of us and discuss in detail your proposal, requirements and steps to help you with the proposal.

I have open a Bug 274596 to keep track of your proposal and our discussions.

When is the best time to sit on a conference call and go over your proposal?

Best Regards,
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[Wtp-wst-dev] TCP/IP Monitor integration for STP Policy Editor extension project

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Hi all,
I'm into developing a plugin as an extension of  STP Policy Editor  for Eclipse STP project. The proposed project is primarily a tool which extracts WS: compliant policy from different XML wire type messages it has been provided with  and will be integrated with STP policy editor for enabling  interaction with derived STP Policy instances. (for more information on this project please visit
"Policy derivation tool for STP Policy Editor")

One of the most important requirements of all , for the aforementioned tool is to provide it with Live message streams to extract ws compliant policy instances for the real time messages coming from Web Services , ESB’s and other SOA end points. For such requirement ,we have decided to go with, Eclipse TCP/IP monitor (org.eclipse.wst.internet.monitor ) since it's an internal component of Eclipse and do provide necessary functionality for this scenario, very nicely as well. You can further find detailed explanation and our idea of integration in
TCP monitoring Tool Integration .

As mentioned in the above references , we need some extensions to register TCP/IP monitor as a message source , so that we can redirect intercepted messages for this policy extraction tool .
I did little UI modifications to the TCP/IP monitor view , to get an approximate idea of how integration could happen (
sample1 ,sample2 , sample3 ). We are also planning to put up a separate view using "org.eclipse.wst.internet.monitor.ui.viewers"  extension point of the Monitor UI plugin , so that we could create a modified view to display policy headers (of SOAP Messages) and policy related message parts. Another concern is getting the whole message (Body+ Headers) from the request,  since currently only the Message body/content (ie:- SOAP Body) is displayed for intercepted messages in TCP/IP Monitor view.This is a major requirement since message headers (ie-SOAP Headers) are essential for the extraction process to materialize. Tried to get it done using ,  org.eclipse.wst.internet.monitor.core.internal.provisional.Request object , but didn't really work out.

So I hope you guys could provide me with some insight on how to proceed ,how to resolve the issues  and about providing necessary extension points for the given scenario. Really sorry if this mail has been too lengthy , jus wanted to make the idea clear.
Really appreciate your kind feedback regarding this. Thnx in advance.

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