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Re: [Wtp-wst-dev] StructuredTextEditor does not draw annotation background

Hi Nitin!

Thank you for your response.
I think I'll be able to wait for 3.0 version.
But if you know any workaround, I'll be happy to use it.


Sergey Bondarenko.

2008/4/9, Nitin Dahyabhai <nitind@xxxxxxxxxx>:
> Sergey,
>  The same underlying problem has been reported as bug 219776 (and 220612)
>  and is caused by differences in our syntax highlighting solution compared
>  to the mechanisms usually used in the platform.  We're attempting to
>  either make the annotation background colors supported using the current
>  scheme (those two bugs) or just move to the platform's approach for this
>  release (bug 224209).
>  Regards,
>  ---
>  Nitin Dahyabhai
>  Eclipse WTP Source Editing
>  IBM Rational
>  _______________________________________________
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