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[Wtp-wst-dev] StructuredTextEditor does not draw annotation background

Hi all!

I am not sure I should write to this mailing list, so if I am wrong
please correct me.

I have some problems with using StructuredTextEditor.
Text editor contains XML-file.
When I add custom annotation to that text editor, annotation icon is
displayed properly, but annotation background is still white.

Has anybody seen the same problem ?
Any help appreciated !

Sample Groovy code that adds annotation:
//------------ start ----------
getAnnotationModel = {ITextEditor editor ->

removeAllAnnotations = {ITextEditor editor ->
    def annotationModel = getAnnotationModel(editor)
    annotationModel.annotationIterator.each {
        annotationModel.removeAnnotation it

addAnnotation = {ITextEditor editor, Annotation annotation, int line,
int length ->
    def lineOffset =
    getAnnotationModel(editor).addAnnotation(annotation, new
Position(lineOffset, length))

annotation = new InstructionPointerAnnotation(
    [:] as IStackFrame,

//removeAllAnnotations javaEditor
//addAnnotation javaEditor, annotation, 9, 10

removeAllAnnotations xmlTextEditor
addAnnotation xmlTextEditor, annotation, 2, 3

//------------ end ----------

xmlTextEditor is an instance of StructuredTextEditor here.
This code works properly for javaTextEditor (instance of

Thanks for your response !

Best regards,
Sergey Bondarenko.

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