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Re: [Wtp-wst-dev] XSD Performance Tests

Hi David,

You have to pass in the location of the test files via the ant script test.xml (see extraVMargs).   E-mail me directly if you have any other questions.

Keith Chong
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David Carver <d_a_carver@xxxxxxxxx>
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28/06/2007 12:03 PM

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"Web Standard Tools developer discussions." <wtp-wst-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
[Wtp-wst-dev] XSD Performance Tests

I have a few performance tests that I would like to code up for the XSD
Editors.  Particularly, I have several very large schemas that take an
unusual amount of time to open.  I have reviewed the Oagis 8.0 tests,
and the ones I would create would be very similar to those tests.  I
noticed that it is using a System.getProperty() call to get the location
of the directory.   Is there a special properties file created?

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