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Re: [wtp-releng] Ending Juno, starting Git

I'd also suggest talking with Paul Webb from the platform team, and posting any questions about the best way to migrate a large repository on the git@xxxxxxxxxxx mailing list.   You may also want to look at how the git repositories are going to be structured.   I noticed that there is on the common a wtpsourceediting.git repo, but maybe that might not be the best way to do this.    I could definitely see breaking the wst.xsl and maybe the psychopath xpath processor components into their own git repo.

Again, I'd use the eclipse platform migration as guide.

Each project though should consider how they want to do things.   Also need to consider if you want to migrate to the Common Build Infrastructure as well, as git will affect your releng process.


On 06/21/2012 12:25 PM, Carl Anderson wrote:


First, I tagged all of the map files that were used with our final WTP 3.4.0 RC4 build for Juno with R3_4_0 (except for Dali, which I tagged with R3_2_0).  I am not sure how helpful that will be once we convert to Git, but it was a step that we always performed in the past, and will ensure our readiness to continue with CVS builds, should we need to.
Second, I created as a page for each project to track its conversion over to Git.  I started putting in the contents for Common, but it is a long list, and doesn't look like it will scale very well.  We can discuss that list more in the status meeting today.  I am also working on a WTP-targeted version of so that we understand how to use Git to "tag" files for the build, as the platform does... but that work is not yet finished.  I will add a link to that page to once it is ready.


- Carl Anderson
WTP programmer

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