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[wtp-releng] Ending Juno, starting Git


First, I tagged all of the map files that were used with our final WTP 3.4.0 RC4 build for Juno with R3_4_0 (except for Dali, which I tagged with R3_2_0).  I am not sure how helpful that will be once we convert to Git, but it was a step that we always performed in the past, and will ensure our readiness to continue with CVS builds, should we need to.
Second, I created as a page for each project to track its conversion over to Git.  I started putting in the contents for Common, but it is a long list, and doesn't look like it will scale very well.  We can discuss that list more in the status meeting today.  I am also working on a WTP-targeted version of so that we understand how to use Git to "tag" files for the build, as the platform does... but that work is not yet finished.  I will add a link to that page to once it is ready.


- Carl Anderson
WTP programmer

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