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[wtp-releng] Status and plans for M7 and RC1

I'm sure you've all seen we've "declared" our M7 build.

As previously mentioned, and repeating here to be clear, I will  turn on our I-builds,
and update our prereqs as they become M7 final.
Assuming all the rebuilds and unit tests look fine, I will
update our M7 download page to point to those final prereqs, and massage our Junit summary to reflect that all
is accounted for (in other words, zero out things that might appear to indicate errors, but which are known not to be).

I'll also confirm our milestone repository works as an update and confirm it goes into helios repository ok.

While we won't have any further formal sign-offs, I'd encourage anyone with concerns or special dependencies,
(such as installing remote server adapters? :)
to re test on Monday or Tuesday and let us know if issues found. Technically, we could re-declare on Tuesday,
if a blocking problem found.

But otherwise, assume we are off and running for RC1. PMC review required, etc. We'll want to move slowly until
Tuesday, but we do want our RC1 to be well tested, and truly "Release ready".


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