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[wtp-releng] More on Status of Accessibility Checklists ... JSF?

I've a question on JSF's accessibility checklist, but my second question applies to other projects as well.

First, there's a number of bugs that have been opened in the past, and at least 4 of them, I'm told by people that know more about this stuff then I do, would be bad enough to rate a "no" in checklist table. 1.1 is already marked "no", but should 2.1, 2.2, and 2.3 also be marked "no" based on existing bugs (and the existing bugs also listed in the table?) I'd think so. Or, if you disagree, maybe a comment or explanation as to why these do not rate a "no" would be in order?

Checkpoint 1.1 - Bug 191496 - Unable to use palette on nav rule faces config editor without mouse
Checkpoint 2.1 - Bug 268407 - Focus not set properly after activating faces-config editor with the keyboard
Checkpoint 2.2 - Bug 268426 - Objects on Navigation Rule tab of faces-config editor aren't accessible
Checkpoint 2.3 - Bug 268443 - FacesConfig Editor preferences page needs more info for screen readers

Second, there are other accessibility bugs, that probably do not rate a "no" for the check list, ... but  should we track all accessibility bugs in these checklist reports? Seems handy to do so. Do other project teams check existing bug lists and take those in to account when filling out the checklists? Seems best to, unless someone says there's just way too many (then maybe we could just document some general query?)  

Checkpoint 1.1 - Bug 191495 - Unable to tab to palettte on nav rule page of config editor
Checkpoint 1.1 - Bug 268871 - Improvements to tab order in faces-config editor
Checkpoint 1.1 - Bug 268874 - Focus improvements to ManagedBean tab of faces-config editor
Checkpoint 1.1 - Bug 191494 - Unable to switch pages in faces config editor without mouse
Checkpoint 2.3 - Bug 268435 - Tab names on faces-config editor aren't read by screen reader


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