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Re: [wtp-releng] When it rains it pours II ... core.commands version change

now who would increment their minor version numbers in the last build of the week in a build that was recommended to us?  ... twice! :)

core.commands apparently changed to "3.6" and we had (hopefully just one) bundle with narrow range [3.5, 3.6)

I've changed to to a wide pre-req range, [3.5, 4.0), Keith said he'd check details later (like if they really are using non-api, which would seem unlikely),
and we'll keep our fingers crossed as I restart the build.


From: David M Williams/Raleigh/IBM@IBMUS
To: Webtools releng discussion list <wtp-releng@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 01/22/2010 04:45 PM
Subject: [wtp-releng] When it rains it pours ... ICU version change
Sent by: wtp-releng-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx

The very very latest platform updated their ICU4J bundle to "4.2" and wouldn't you know it ... we still have 6 that specify an upper bound:







I will attempt to change these so they just have their existing lower bound. That's their recommendation for this case ... to only have a lower bound.

At the first sign of trouble, such as if I go to release, and there is more in HEAD than just this version change, I'll back off and go back to yesterday's Platform.

Sorry for the churn,
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