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[wtp-releng] Servertools Smoke test update

It is a hard week for Servertools.. we are failing the smoke test for Servertools due two issues, that we are actively investigating and we suspect are related to changes on the same bug# 282483.

- First the Add and Remove dialog is returning a NPE when trying to remove a project from the server. The latest patch in Bug# 282483, fixes this problem.

- Modifying a jsp/servlet on the server and republishing doesn't work. After republishing we get a 404 error when trying to run on server. We have opened Bug# 300510

I will provide more udpates once we have more details.

Best Regards,
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Mr. Angel Vera
Server Tools Developer
E-Mail: arvera@xxxxxxxxxx
Tel: 905-413-5919
Those who think that something is impossible,
should not interfere with those who are willing to do it. - Angel Vera

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