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[wtp-releng] Problems with current builds or tests ....

Just so everyone knows what I do (little as that is) ...

I think there's something wrong with at least the PPC version of the latest I-build related to SWT libraries.
I've opened bug 300297.

And appears to be some infrastructure change/bug? that isn't making it any easier
(but not sure its blocking anything).
I've opened bug 300296.

I know the build notice said "build fixed" which sounds great, but
that's just bug 231729, where there is indeed 0 "failures"
(because there was no tests at all).

I _think_ this is only effecting our JUnits running .. but, I've heard
one rumor that I20100119-0800 isn't working so well
even on windows (with wtp installed).

Bottom line is it is unlikely we'll have a build to smoke test first
thing on Thursday morning. But please don't take the opportunity
to cram in a bunch more code. :) [ Well, except for Carl, who already
told me he couldn't make midnight  :) ]

I'll let you know when I know more. And if any of you have any
noteworthy experiences with  I20100119-0800 let us know.
(We may have to make a decision to either wait for another build, or backup
to a previous one)
Good thing we're moving up quickly ... maybe we'll help
the platform avoid another M5a. :)

And, remember, no 3.1.2 build to declare this week.


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