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[wtp-releng] weekly I-Build ready?

I'm assuming the latest will be our weekly declared I-build:

But will wait for a bit before officially declaring it to give teams time 
to confirm their fixes and update the smoke test page:

Please update by noon on Friday (to avoid me coming to look for you :) 

There was one unit test failure, which I assume is due to the already 
document bug at
and would not effect the usefulness of the build. 

Oh, and BTW, following our no-code-Thursday rule, you could still release 
code for Helios M3 on Friday, keeping in mind this is our final "test 
only" week so should not be too many changes going in. But, if you need a 
fix for M3, you can begin to release on Friday, and in the rare event we 
needed a rebuild for this week's I-build, we could do a temporary branch, 
or something. 


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