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Re: [wtp-releng] Let's try and make every build green

I know I keep bringing this up, but one thing that can help is smaller builds for the various components or projects. Having a WTP Source Editing build, or individual builds for CSS, DTD, XML, HTML, JSP, might help as well. It's much easier to address these issues if you are notified sooner, and can fix the issue quicker. (i.e. the build only takes 20 minutes instead of 4 - 5 hrs).

Just a suggestion.


David M Williams wrote:
Remember that we should address JUnit failures right away ... not just once a week when we produce our I-build.
org.eclipse.wst.dtd.ui.tests.DTDUITestSuite 3
org.eclipse.wst.html.core.tests.HTMLCoreTestSuite org.eclipse.wst.xml.ui.tests.XMLUITestSuite 4

I know the source editing team has said these are problems with the tests, not the code, and they are working on them, and these can hopefully be fixed quickly, but I'd suggest if JUnits can not be fixed within 24 hours of when they first appear, that they be removed from the suite (and a bug opened for them, of course) just so I don't have to go and look at the detail for every build ... well, me and a dozen other people ... its a waste of our time, in addition to causing everyone else to simply ignore the build results. Thanks,
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