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[wtp-releng] I'll be switching pre-reqs in 3.2 builds

As of right now, we have the Helios pre-reqs in the now out-of-date "3.3" 
labeled builds, which should be changed to a "3.2" label. 

As discussed in last week's status meeting, many of us want to also have 
Galileo-prereq builds to aid transitions, which are currently in the "3.2" 
labeled builds. 

To get rid of "3.3" labels, my thought was to make a new "3.2G" labeled 
build, which would be temporary ... another milestone or two ... and the 
"G" would signify it has Galileo prereqs. The 3.2 labeled builds would 
then have the Helios pre-reqs. 

It'll be a little funky since the "G" will look like a different type of 
build, similar in location to 'I' in 3.2I, 3.2M, and 3.2S. If anyone has 
any better ideas, let me know. 

I just wanted to give some "warning" there will be this change coming over 
the next day, and you can always tell what's what by the pre-reqs on the 
specific build pages. 

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