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Re: [wtp-releng] Priorities for this week: correct versioning

David M Williams wrote:
I'd also suggest you not "wait for the report" to know what versions to fix. Teams should develop the process and discipline that the version is always correct. The first change in a stream should trigger a versioning change appropriate for that development stream. A quick diff to your R31 tag (what ever you team uses) should be enough to know if it needs it, or not.
I know I've suggested this in the past, but enabling PDE API Tooling on your project and setting up the comparision installations is REALLY helpful with versioning. It has saved us on wst.xsl numerous times. The nicest thing, you get a nice big red X on the source files that are problems, including files.

It's worth the little extra time it takes to get it setup.

Just my two cents.


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