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[wtp-releng] Priorities for this week: correct versioning

It appears many have decided to wait until the last minute to fix up their 
versioning for our Maintenance Release

and our first Milestone

I suggest people "fix" the maintenance release first, and then "fix" the 
Milestone at the same time -- it'll either be the same, or larger than the 
maintenance release. 

Technically, only the Milestone build must be "correct" for this week's 
delivery, but it is hard to know it to be correct if the maintenance 
builds are not correct, so I turned on "count as qualifier-only as error" 
for both of them. 

I'd also suggest you not "wait for the report" to know what versions to 
fix. Teams should develop the process and discipline that the version is 
always correct. The first change in a stream should trigger a versioning 
change appropriate for that development stream. A quick diff to your R31 
tag (what ever you team uses) should be enough to know if it needs it, or 

Lets try to get majority fixed on Monday, remaining few on Tuesday, so 
we're not doing builds at the last minute just for versioning fixes. 

Let us know if questions or issues. 

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