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RE: [wtp-releng] Smoke Test Request for WTP 3.1.0 I-build

To keep everyone on the loop. I am not able to recreate the problem, I have tried several times but 'nada'. The .log suggest a problem with the initialization of the plugin, perhaps some funny behaviour in the platform.

I will need to get the platform's input. I have marked the Server tools smoke test as pass.

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RE: [wtp-releng] Smoke Test Request for WTP 3.1.0 I-build

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While executing the smoketest I was unable to open Window->Preference->Server->Runtime Environments. And error occurred and I have opened

I have marked the J2EE smoke test with a Checkmark because after restarting Eclipse the preference page did show up and I was able to continue with the test.
No other issues were found. Nevertheless the issue is with major/critical severithy.

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From: wtp-releng-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx [mailto:wtp-releng-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx] On Behalf Of David M Williams
Thursday, 23. April 2009 15:27
[wtp-releng] Smoke Test Request for WTP 3.1.0 I-build

Smoke Test Request for WTP 3.1.0 I-build

Please document your Project's testing and approval of our weekly build,
by our Thursday 2 PM (Eastern Time) Status meeting, or let us know if that's not possible.

Current Build

Smoketest Results

Note that there is an I-build running now, that just says it was "forced" and lists no modifications
from previous build .... so not sure what this is about, but should not hold up smoke testing
unless someone reports a reason why.

There were 3 or 4 JUnit failures that should be attended to as well.

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