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Re: [wtp-releng] Smoke Test Request for WTP 3.1 I-build

As reported on the Smoke test result page, a problem with the JPA project explorer content was encountered yesterday that is pretty severe.  See bug 262989 -

It is a major loss of functionality, and as a result we would either need to note this problem on the declared build or respin now that we have a fix available.  I would prefer a respin to pick up this fix for the I-Buid if possible.  Thoughts?


David M Williams wrote:

Smoke Test Request for WTP 3.1 I-build

Please smoke test the 3.1 I-build and update the smoketest page with your results by 3 PM EST Friday (at the latest).
Or let us know if that's not possible.


Smoketest Results


Some of the JUnit's failed. I think they are ones that occasionally fail intermittently, but if I'm not mistaken they have failed consistently the last several builds?

So, please check and report back. Take responsibility for them one way or another (that is, fix code or fix the tests).


There are several versioning "errors" in the report, but at least several of them, if not all, are a reporting limitation: the 3.1 version and 3.0.1 version were both updated but the versioning report is still using the report from the previously declared build.

See also

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