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[wtp-releng] Status of builds for the week and reminder to triage bug lists

I think the 304 build is good to go, except for the versioning fixes, but please smoke test well, as this is, after all, our Release Candidate!

As for 3.1 I-build, I suspect we'll need the whole day to fix it up before testing tomorrow, on Friday.
For one, we need to get a fixed up DTP build, which I suspect will fix the cases where whole JUnit suites are not running.
It appears a couple of compile errors creeped back in!?

Plus, access restrictions in
Was this a "real" change in DTP?

NOTE: I did update the pre-reqs late last night to the very latest (since we were breaking everything any way :)
So update your development targets to be the most accurate. (And, seriously, I just wanted to get us as close to M5 as possible).

There are also a number of versioning errors to fix, some of which seem odd and hard to explain? See

Also, before status meeting, please triage old major bugs as well as the 3.0.4 targeted bugs.
Both should be '0' before the status meeting.


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