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[wtp-releng] Server Team released over the weekend?

I apologize if I missed discussion of this, but I noticed the server team 
released some fixes over the weekend, namely in
org.eclipse.jst.server.generic.core and that's complicated our M3 

It is ok if it was to fix a blocking bug, but 1) no mention of it was made 
on wtp-releng which is the convention to keep us all informed, and 2) 
there is no bug number associated with the cvs comment on the map file 
which make it hard to track down. 

I think I did track down the bugs fixed, and both are marked 'normal' so 
should not go in at the very last minute, after the last milestone build 
has been produced (and is just waiting for confirmation). 

[244367] AntPublisher falls back to default VM if server VM is removed
[241294] NPE guard for null properties

This build also caused one of the intermittent failures in one of the 
JUnit tests. See bug 254707.

So, what to do now? We could ignore that final build, and put those fixes 
in M4. That sounds like the easiest thing to me. Was there some reason 
those fixes really did have to go into M3 or was it just a "timing" 
problem on not knowing when to release? 

If we do want them in M4, then we should address bug 254707 to make sure 
that intermittent JUnit doesn't fail again. (We have to declare with zero 
JUnit tests). 

Server Team: let us know which route you would like to go. 

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