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[wtp-releng] 2550 Junit failures on 3.1M3 build

Latest build

Can the ones who released changes please look into their changes and assess what could've causes these failures.

Changes released should be accompanied by a bug# or a more descriptive comment to help with narrowing down the cause.  Thanks!

hzhang M3 prereqs update
[rev. 1.376]

canderson [250004] Incorrect "Inconsistent Files" pop-up
[rev. 1.498]

rsrinivasan M3 release
[rev. 1.155]

rsrinivasan Releasing code for M3
[rev. 1.154]
[rev. 1.144]

tle v200811050000 - 226189 - more descriptive name for Synch class menu item.
[rev. 1.132]

tle v200811040000
[rev. 1.131]


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